2022 Call Report Series

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StreamedJan 10, 2022
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This series addresses multiple aspects of credit union Call Report preparation.

Including fundamentals, recent updates, common errors, auditing, and advanced lending schedules.

90-minute webinars - recordings also available

  • Call Report Update & Top 10 Errors
  • Introduction to Call Reporting
  • Advanced Lending Schedules: Commercial Loans, Indirect Loans, CARES Act Loan Modifications & More
  • Auditing Call Reports

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Call Report preparation and questions are seemingly neverending. Call Reports say a lot about an institution’s financial health, stability, and risk profile – and once filed become public record. Anyone from examiners to consumers can monitor your institution’s current performance and historical trends. This in-depth series addresses the recent changes that affect your institution, identifies avoidable errors, and provides other critical information to enhance accuracy.

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Included Webinars:

Call Report Series: Auditing Call Reports
Oct 20, 2022Webinar

Auditing Call Reports

Call Reports contain a significant amount of information, but how is that information evaluated by examiners and auditors? The Call Report says a lot about the financial health, stability, and risk profile of the credit union and impacts the extent of the procedures performed. There are countless disclosures that also appear in a credit union’s financial statements and are validated as part of the audit process. This session will provide insights so that you are prepared for your next audit and examination.
Call Report Series: Advanced Lending Schedules: Commercial Loans, Indirect Loans, CARES Act Loan Modifications & More

Advanced Lending Schedules: Commercial Loans, Indirect Loans, CARES Act Loan Modifications & More

The NCUA started the Call Report Modernization (CRM) Project in 2016 and completely restructured the call report as of March 31, 2022. The new Schedule A covers everything in lending, from loans by category to commercial lending. Many consider Schedule A to be the most complex and confusing part of the entire Call Report. This webinar will decipher and clarify the instructions related to Schedule A and provide context and examples for commercial loans, indirect loans, CARES Act loan modifications, and more. Increase your Call Report acumen and confidently complete the new Call Report timely and accurately.
Call Report Series: Call Report Update & Top 10 Errors

Call Report Update & Top 10 Errors

The Call Report is continually changing in response to new accounting standards, rules, regulations, and NCUA’s Modernization Initiative. Many of the recent changes relate to clarification of the Call Report instructions, which can significantly impact the information reported. Examiners are consistently reporting Call Report errors as findings, regardless of materiality. This program will explore recent changes, the impact of loan modifications, and the top 10 errors to help you avoid common – yet costly – mistakes.
Call Report Series: Introduction to Call Reporting

Introduction to Call Reporting

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) started the CRM Project in 2016 and completely restructured the Call Report as of March 31, 2022. Whether you are new to the call reporting process or a veteran, it is important to know and understand the new format. The Call Report includes financial and general information used by regulators, auditors, credit union management, supervisory/audit committees, staff, and others to evaluate a credit union’s financial health and stability. This session will provide an overview of the new Call Report process, including internal controls and critical areas of focus.