2022 Frontline Series

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6-Part Series

Every frontline staff member will benefit from the wide-ranging topics in this series developed specifically for them. Today’s tellers must have a broad spectrum of knowledge to effectively serve (and preserve) accountholders.

Frontline Series Topics

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Fast. Friendly. Accurate. The frontline is the face of your financial institution and can make or break accountholder relationships. In addition to providing excellent service, they must understand a wide array of regulatory requirements and operating procedures and be ready for any question that comes their way. Take a walk on the compliance side with this timely series. You’ll get expert advice about deposit accounts, maintaining business and consumer accounts, checks, endorsements, minor accounts, and so much more.

Presenter: Deborah L. Crawford, Gettechnical Inc.

Session Dates & Descriptions

April 6, 2022
Minor Accounts: Ownership, CIP, Access, Changes & Transactions

Do you know all the options for opening minor accounts? This webinar will cover them all and develop checklists for UTMA, joint, and POD accounts, plus some of the specialty accounts like Child Actor Trusts, Farm Service Bureau accounts, and the Coverdell Education Savings accounts. Don’t miss this comprehensive approach to CIP requirements, tax reporting, and other regulatory issues on minor accounts.

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May 5, 2022
Maintaining Consumer Accounts: Adding Names, Changing Names, Removing Owners, Changing Product Types & More

If only accounts and consumers were static! But their lives change and so do their account needs. Learn how to work the lifecycle of change for accountholders from birth to death. What happens when there is a marriage or divorce? What if they need to add an owner? Maybe the consumer wants to change to a different product. All of these issues and more will be addressed during this jam-packed program.

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June 15, 2022
Maintaining Business Accounts: Changing Principals, Changing Signers, Resolutions, Changing Products & More

This training will teach you about changing ownership, changing signers, changing principals, and many other issues in the lifecycle of a business. You will learn how to open and close business accounts due to death, sale of the business, or dissolution. It will also address the paperwork, tax reporting, and resolutions in an ever-changing landscape. This program will go way beyond basics of maintaining business accounts.

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July 28, 2022
Checking Account Signature Cards: CIP, IRS & Disclosures

This is an opportunity to learn about all the compliance issues for consumer deposit accounts. From CIP to disclosures, many errors are made on basic account ownership. This webinar will focus on the big three – individual, joint, and payable on death. Learn about titling, IRS reporting, rights at death, signers, signature cards, and all the ins and outs of getting consumer accounts correct.

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August 25, 2022
Reg CC Check Hold Requirements & Funds Availability

This energetic program will fulfill the annual training requirement on Regulation CC. It will cover the Reg CC definitions, holds, and policy for your institution. This practical training will include many examples and scenarios for easy reference and teach you how to count days and make hold decisions.

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September 29, 2022
Checks, Mobile Deposits, Substitute Checks: Indemnities, Endorsements & Timeframes

This must-attend program for frontline and operations staff will teach you about timeframes for fraudulent check claims, substitute check rules, missing endorsements return issues, and mobile deposit regulations. Don’t miss this chance to get your questions answered about these issues and more.

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