2019 ACH Specialist Series

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6-Part Series

This series will equip your ACH specialists with the necessary tools to understand the intricate ACH payment system and mitigate losses.

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Demand for electronic methods of handling financial transactions continues to soar! ACH personnel must have the necessary information, skills, and training to navigate the complexities of ACH transactions, compliance, and regulatory scrutiny. This series will cover a wide variety of topics, including operating rules, dispute resolution, exceptions, adjustments, and return deadlines. Don’t miss this opportunity for ACH specialists to enhance their hands-on, practical skills.

ACH Specialist Series Topics

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February 7, 2019
ACH Tax Refund Exceptions, Posting & Liabilities

Michele L. Barlow, PAR/WACHA

The federal government is one of the largest single users of the ACH network, but did you know that they don’t follow the same NACHA Operating Rules as a typical Originator? IRS tax refunds must be handled with care. The average IRS tax refund is almost $3,000 and every financial institution receives them. With such high volume, it is imperative that financial institutions understand the requirements surrounding tax refunds to avoid potentially large losses. These requirements address account number/name matching situations, deceased recipients, refunds posting to incorrect accounts, and refunds as exception items. This session will cover the rights and obligations of the financial institution, accountholder, and tax preparer. Learn how to correctly handle these exceptions to minimize your financial institution’s liability.

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February 27, 2019
ACH Dispute Resolution

Michele L. Barlow, PAR/WACHA

Is your staff equipped to deal with ACH disputes? This webinar will focus on when a written statement of unauthorized debit is necessary, how to comply with the timeframes specified under the NACHA Operating Rules and Regulation E, and the unauthorized entry fee. Using case studies and scenarios, this session will equip your staff to respond to ACH issues knowledgeably and ensure compliance and satisfied accountholders.

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March 13, 2019
2019 ACH Rules Update

Michele L. Barlow, PAR/WACHA

Several important changes to the NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines become effective in 2019 and early 2020. The Same Day ACH rules are being enhanced with an additional settlement window and increased per-transaction dollar limit. There will also be changes to ACH audit requirements, a new use for an existing return reason code, enhanced data security requirements for large Originators, and another Regulation CC update. This session will detail these changes and how to comply with the new rules.

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April 18, 2019
Liability with ACH Death Notification Entries (DNEs) & Reclamations

Michele L. Barlow, PAR/WACHA

How do you handle incoming ACH entries if an accountholder is deceased? Are the right policies and procedures in place to ensure your financial institution doesn’t incur loss due to incorrectly handling death notification entries (DNEs)? Join this webinar to learn proper handling of federal benefit payments to deceased accountholders.

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May 20, 2019
Top 10 Ways to Mitigate ACH Payment Risk

Shelly Sipple, EPCOR

While ACH payment risk can’t be eliminated, strategies can be implemented to limit it. Using real-life scenarios, this program will identify risks associated with originating and receiving ACH payments and cover ten important tips to mitigate your institution’s risk.

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May 29, 2019
ACH Stop Payments vs. Unauthorized Extended Returns: Know the Difference

Jen Kirk, EPCOR

ACH payments are usually automated. Therefore, when manual intervention is needed, it often leads to confusion! ACH items can be returned as Stop Payment or Unauthorized. However, determining the correct Return Reason Code and whether the accountholder must complete a Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit or ACH Stop Payment form can be a challenge. This webinar will explore Stop Payment and Unauthorized Return Reason Codes and provide an easy formula to determine which code and form are correct.

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