Job-Specific BSA Training for Senior Management & Directors *

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Directors are people, too – and they need BSA training.

Their oversight responsibilities are weighty, including approving and funding the organization’s BSA program. It’s imperative that they understand how BSA applies to them, the institution, accountholders, and the products offered.

  • Know your institution’s BSA and OFAC responsibilities and the importance of actively supporting efforts to fulfill them
  • Understand the mandatory reporting requirements for CTRs, SARs, and OFAC screening in order to provide appropriate resources and support
  • Define money laundering, identity theft, synthetic identity fraud, and more
  • Explain why BSA and OFAC compliance is critical to protect the US and worldwide financial systems from money laundering, terrorist financing, and proliferation of organized criminal activity
  • Distinguish between lower-risk and higher-risk products, services, and accountholders and understand the need for appropriate risk-based controls


Directors have overall responsibility for your institution’s BSA program, including approving the program itself, funding its budget, appointing a BSA officer, and instilling a culture of compliance. Senior management is then responsible for taking those directives and ensuring they are practiced throughout the institution.

It is imperative that directors and senior management understand the potential threats posed by money launderers and terrorist financers – and the institution’s role in preventing bad actors from accessing the US and worldwide financial system. Without a thorough understanding of how financial institutions can be used to funnel illicit proceeds, hide funds, and promote illegal activity, they cannot make informed decisions about the funding and resources necessary to meet BSA compliance requirements. Those types of failures often result in substantial penalties to institutions and individuals. This vital training will provide an overview of recent cases and enforcement actions, BSA program requirements, examiner expectations, and recent advisories and guidance regarding the ever-changing fraud and money laundering schemes.


This informative session is designed for senior management and board of directors who want a succinct overview of the Bank Secrecy Act and implementing regulations to effectively oversee and provide support for the institution’s written programs.


  • Glossary of important BSA and OFAC terms
  • High-level executive summary of key BSA and OFAC components
  • Employee training quiz
  • Interactive quiz
  • Attendance certificate provided to self-report CE credits.

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