Top 25 Safe Deposit Compliance Issues

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StreamedMar 31, 2022Duration90 minutes
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This enlightening webinar will scrutinize the top 25 safe deposit compliance issues.

Learn the industry standards and how to avoid compliance mistakes from safe deposit guru, David McGuinn. Take this opportunity to get your questions answered and ensure your program is shipshape.

  • Who can legally access and remove contents from a deceased renter’s box?
  • What seven suspicious box access transactions will always trigger a SAR?
  • Can a lease be titled as a “living trust” or have a “payable on death” clause?
  • What should be done if dangerous contents are found in a past-due box?
  • What BSA and SAR violations are examiners finding?
  • When should box contents be sent to the unclaimed property department?
  • What seven past-due fees can be charged to a delinquent box renter?
  • Do you have “right of offset” against a past-due renter’s account?
  • Who must be present when a past-due safe deposit box is drilled?
  • Should a past-due renter be reported to a credit-reporting agency?
  • Can a power of attorney be used to authorize box access?
  • How does the Americans with Disabilities Act affect safe deposit?
  • How should renters’ questions about insurance be answered?
  • Why must careful wording be used in final past-due notices?
  • Can renters legally store money, guns, or drugs in a box?


Complex questions have caused great concern and confusion for the safe deposit industry, including matters related to deceased renters, payable-on-death clauses, living trusts, court orders, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, the USA PATRIOT Act, suspicious activity reports, powers of attorney, the Americans with Disabilities Act, past-due boxes, abandoned property, and other legal and compliance issues. This webinar will provide current information about all these issues and an in-depth explanation about how they impact your financial institution and safe deposit box renters.


This informative program will benefit safe deposit supervisors, vault attendants, branch managers, compliance department staff, security officers, auditors, training directors, new account personnel, and in-house legal counsel.


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