Kentucky Credit Union League
Kentucky Credit Union League
Kentucky Credit Union League provides multi-level services and support for credit unions across the state.


The Kentucky Credit Union League (KYCUL) is an association of credit unions operating in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is a non-profit corporation owned and controlled by member credit unions through their elected representatives and is solely supported by the dues of its member credit unions. The Kentucky league is one of many such leagues serving credit unions in every state of the United States. 
The League’s many services include regulatory and political advocacy, education and training for credit union staff and volunteer officials, and a wide range of informational and operational resources, including compliance assistance.

The League is dedicated to serving member credit unions and we proudly promote the "Credit Union Difference" through advocacy, education, and public service.

Kentucky Credit Union League
No travel expenses or time away from the office.

Credit Union Training & Education

Kentucky Credit Union League partners with Credit Union Webinar Network to provide you with relevant, reliable, cost-effective credit union webinar training. Together we offer more than 200 live and on-demand webinars, covering topics important to every level of your credit union.
Learn from industry experts to grow your credit union.
Keep your team up to speed on new industry updates and regulations, hot topics, training, and more.
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