"I’ve been meaning to write to you to tell you that your current offerings have been extremely helpful to our credit union. They are marketed/described well and easy to purchase and of very high quality… Thank you for providing this training that we so desperately need!!!"
Credit Union Employee attending the "Setting & Monitoring Effective ACH Exposure Limits" webinar

"I love the fact that you provided training materials (sign-in sheet, quiz, and handouts) for us to use with our staff!"
Credit Union Employee attending the "Opening Accounts for Minors: Compliance, Ownership & Access Issues" webinar

"Your service has been outstanding. This was the first webinar I have attended from you and it was excellent. I look forward to attending others in the future."
Credit Union Employee attending the "Home Equity/Second Lien Risk Management" webinar

"I found the information & handouts to be very helpful. There were several areas that were unclear prior to this training. Exam expectations are much clearer now. I am pleased with info I took away from the session."
Credit Union Employee attending the "You Received a BSA Exam Memo: Now What?" webinar

"Very informative and helpful. I’m new to the credit union and a new compliance officer, really learned this process through this webinar. Thank you for making the process easier to understand."
Credit Union Compliance Officer attending the "SAFE Act: Tracking, Renewing & Compliance" webinar

"Speaker gave a lot of information that helped to remind/train new notaries on what they are required or not required to do."
Credit Union Notary attending the "Notary Essentials & Legalities for Credit Unions" webinar