Security Officer Reports to the Board: Timing, Contents & Requirements

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The security officer has a big job.

One of the responsibilities is reporting to the board at least annually – if not more often. Learn what should be presented, how it should be communicated, and how to mitigate liability from security issues. This webinar will provide the tools, tips, and knowledge you need to educate your board with skill and diplomacy.
  • Report foreseeable events that could bring liability against the board
  • Identify information that should be reported to the board annually
  • Present major problems to the board with limited time
  • Explain why the security officer/risk management department should report to the board in person
  • Understand what is included in the security function
  • Keep records that will make board reporting easier


The Bank Protection Act requires the security officer to report annually to the board on the “implementation, administration, and effectiveness of the security program.” As financial institutions downsize or right-size, danger in the security area increases. Many are satisfied if regulators don’t take issue with the board report or the security program. However, don’t wait for a lawsuit against the security officer, management, and the board (both jointly and individually) to discover your report was missing key items. Information that could help during litigation is very different than what regulators examine for compliance. Be aware that the report is not just for the board – a much larger audience will review it if something goes wrong.

This webinar will review best practices relating to training, inspections, and reporting foreseeable events. Learn how the annual written report should be prepared, presented, and reported. Security officers and board members will garner valuable resources that can provide statistics, facts, and information to reduce liability.


This informative session was designed for auditors, security officers, risk management staff, senior management, and directors responsible for the security function.


  • Sample annual board report
  • Sample top sheet for board reporting
  • Special report form
  • Incident report form
  • Security tips
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz
  • PDF of slides and speaker’s contact info for follow-up questions
  • Attendance certificate provided to self-report CE credits

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