Provisional Credit Under Reg E: Rules, Best Practices & FAQs

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Reg E safeguards accountholders from fraudulent EFTs.

Can you identify an unauthorized EFT and do you know how to proceed? Is provisional credit in order? Being able to confidently handle these issues is important to both your financial institution and your accountholder. Join us to learn the ins and outs of Reg E’s requirements for investigations, provisional credit, and consumers’ rights.

  • Understand what constitutes an unauthorized transaction for purposes of provisional credit under Reg E
  • Distinguish between what can and can’t be required of the accountholder before giving provisional credit
  • Specify the deadlines for completing an investigation and providing provisional credit
  • Determine the proper dollar amount of provisional credit required by Reg E
  • Employ best practices for providing provisional credit


Regulation E protects consumers from unauthorized electronic fund transfers (EFTs). It requires financial institutions to investigate alleged unauthorized EFTs and provide provisional credit to accountholders within specific deadlines. But many questions arise.

Is your institution obligated to investigate even though the accountholder won’t cooperate? Must provisional credit be provided within the standard deadlines even if you haven’t received sufficient information from your core processor to conduct an investigation? Are you required to provide provisional credit if the accountholder won’t sign a simple written statement regarding the alleged unauthorized EFT? 

This webinar will answer all these questions and explain how to determine when your institution is required to provide provisional credit and in what amount.

(This webinar only addresses provisional credit. To learn about the basics of Reg E and accountholder responsibilities, register for the 3/21 webinar Handling Reg E Disputes Confidently & Compliantly.)


This informative session will benefit all deposit operations staff, tellers, service representatives, new accounts personnel, account officers, managers, auditors, attorneys, and compliance staff.


  • Detailed sample form of investigation procedures, including specific deadlines for providing provisional credit
  • Easy-to-follow matrix to determine the dollar amount of provisional credit
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz
  • PDF of slides and speaker’s contact info for follow-up questions
  • Attendance certificate provided to self-report CE credits


"A well put together webinar packed with a lot of good information that will help our organization manage our process more efficiently."
- Jeri, Aerospace Federal Credit Union

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