Measuring the ROI of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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When conducting any sort of marketing initiative, it’s important to understand the return on marketing dollars – your ROI.

After this webinar you’ll have a clear understanding of what to measure, and where you can find the data to help analyze your results. And, if you don’t have the access needed, you’ll learn key questions to ask your vendors/partners to pave the way to better tracking down the road.
  • Ask key questions before launching your next digital marketing campaign to ensure you’re focused on the end goal (and know how to track your results)
  • Identify and overcome roadblocks when attempting to determine ROI – or compensate for the lack of data availability
  • Understand and measure key “conversion” objectives and how they play into the overall ROI equation
  • Identify the various sources of data that you want to capture, and how they will help to build the story of your efforts
  • How to tie in Google Analytics tracking to help support your reporting and ROI efforts to determine success over time
  • Determine if or when ROE (return on engagement) is a better approach to determining the success of your digital efforts and how that differs from a “hard dollar” ROI calculation


Unfortunately, for many financial institutions the ability to calculate ROI remains elusive and hard to determine. The good news is when you make the move to digital marketing, there are ways to track and measure engagement created by your marketing dollars and get closer to knowing what your true ROI is.

But this is not without its challenges, as many of the third-party tools used in today’s online financial environment still don’t allow the use of tracking code and rarely share data back to the institution’s marketing platforms. This session will explore ways to overcome (or at least compensate for) these limitations and gain a better understanding of the impact your marketing dollars are having on building awareness, generating accounts, and converting interested consumers into actual accountholders.


This informative session will benefit a variety of job functions, with a particular focus on the marketing and retail areas. Some institutions have started developing a data/insights role and this session will also be valuable to those in that role – or as guidance in the development of that function.


  • Excel-based UTM “tagging” record sheet to maintain a comprehensive list of Google campaign URLs to help measure inbound website promotional activity
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"Very knowledgeable speaker! Learned a lot."
- Caryn, AdelFi Credit Union

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