Website Compliance: Best Practices & Common Issues

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The ADA covers so much more than sidewalk curbs and physical access. Did you know it applies to websites?

Is yours in compliance? This timely webinar will teach you about compliance findings in recent internal audits, how to perform simple web accessibility tests, best practices, and more.
  • Review your financial institution’s website for common and/or significant violations/exceptions which have been noted in recent website compliance internal audit reports
  • Understand the background of the applicability of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to websites, including current guidance used to evaluate website accessibility
  • Implement best-practice recommendations regarding ADA accessibility for websites to ensure you are providing equality and opportunity for individuals with disabilities and to reduce the chances of receiving a demand letter
  • Perform simple web accessibility tests to assess basic/limited ADA compliance


Given the ever-growing importance of financial institutions’ websites, as more and more individuals continue to rely upon them to access general information and to perform banking transactions, it is imperative that management stay current with regulatory changes and/or hot topics that could impact the website’s functionality. Management should also become familiar with common violations/exceptions noted during recent website compliance reviews so that they can proactively evaluate their own website. This session will highlight the most common and significant exceptions and violations noted during recent website compliance internal audits.

In addition, with the increased focus on ADA accessibility for business websites, it is imperative for institutions to familiarize themselves with the background and current status of ADA accessibility guidance. This will help ensure your website provides equality and opportunity for individuals with disabilities and reduce the chances of falling victim to ADA accessibility lawsuits.


This informative session is designed for compliance officers, website coordinators, marketing personnel, applicable IT personnel, and any other individuals who are responsible for the institution’s website content and accessibility.


  • Checklist of regulations and other areas to review for financial institution website compliance
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  • Interactive quiz
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