Accurately Completing the W-9, W-8BEN, 1099-INT & 1042-S

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StreamedOct 25, 2023Duration90 minutes
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As a withholding agent for the IRS, your financial institution is liable if tax withholding is not done properly.

This detailed webinar and the supplemental materials provided will contain everything you’ll need to stay in good standing with Uncle Sam!
  • Who signs the W-9 and W-8BEN?
  • What happens if they are incorrectly completed?
  • Who is exempt from backup withholding, W-8BEN withholding, and 1099-INT reporting?
  • What are exemption codes and where are they recorded?
  • Which countries require collection of W-8BEN information?
  • Which countries are exempt?
  • What is a TIN Matching with the IRS?
  • B Notices for US accountholders
  • Common errors and how to avoid them


Who signs the W-9 and W-8BEN? What happens if these forms are not on file? When is backup withholding required? Who is exempt? This webinar will look at frontline to back-office implications of accounts set up incorrectly, the liability of not withholding properly, and who gets interest-reporting on which accounts. Learn more about all types of ownership and tax status to see what is reported to the IRS and what is not.


This informative session is designed for compliance officers, deposit operations staff, branch administration, trainers, new accounts personnel, and bookkeepers.


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